Bōdhi Books

Bringing Enlightenment to Bookkeeping Despair

Virtual Bookkeeping for Health & Wellness, Restaurants & Hospitality, and Small Retail

Bōdhi: An enlightened or awakened being possessing an understanding on the true nature of things.

At Bōdhi Books, this translates to you and the bookkeeping of your business. With clean books, balanced accounts, and professionally presented reports, you will reach enlightenment in understanding the true nature of your business, and take comfort in the awareness on where your business stands. We believe every business owner can reach this stage and deserves to spend time on other important matters, other than the bookkeeping.

Are you one who dreads the daily or weekly bookkeeping duties needed to keep your business on track?

Would you prefer to have a professional on your side who fully understands accounting and your line of business?

Now is the perfect time to get your bookkeeping up to date so you can breathe and manage your business with ease.

Allow Bōdhi Books to handle your bookkeeping so you can spend more time on what matters most.

Bōdhi Books specializes in small business bookkeeping for Health & Wellness, Restaurants & Bars, and Small Retail.  

Health & Wellness



Yoga Studios

Massage Therapists




Salons / Barbers

Alternative Health Practitioners




Restaurants & Hospitality




Coffee Shops



Food Trucks


Ice Cream Shops


Small Retail Shops


Clothing Shops

Sporting Goods

Specialty Shops

Vending Machines

Network Marketing

Pet Supplies

Vitamin Supplements

Liquor Stores

Hubdoc Certified Xero
Hubdoc Certified Advanced




A reoccurring, fixed-fee subscription makes monthly budgeting a snap.  You will always know the price you pay and what you expect to receive.



All bookkeeping duties are scheduled to be completed based on your subscription model, be it weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly to ensure real-time figures when you need them.



Records are verified and double checked for accuracy upon every entry to ensure your records remain error free. 

safe & Secure

Cloud-based accounting software and technological tools with bank and military grade encryption ensures your records and data remain safe, secure, and accessible to you at any time, on any device.


snappy support

Inquiries will be answered in 72 hours or less, and communication can take place via phone, text, email, or video chat. 



There is no need for you to count the number of transactions you make in running your business. Bōdhi Books will reconcile all of your transactions for you.


periodic reports

Financial statements and report consultations are delivered on time, every time, based on the subscription model selected. Consultations include analysis of your financial standing, forecasting for the next period, and suggested recommendations to improve your operations and generate more income. 



Online training is provided to get you acquainted with Xero and Hubdoc. If your business is already using Xero compatible companion apps such as Vend, Square, MindBody, or Stitchlabs, we can connect those to Xero and walk you through the interfacing process.


money control

We obtain view-only rights to your financial accounts so you always stay in control of your money. We prepare the transactions for you, and you approve and complete the transactions and sign the checks.



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our promise

We will provide weekly, bi-weekly or monthly bookkeeping services and deliver reports on time, every time. We will be available to discuss your concerns and issues, and we ensure inquiries are answered within 72 hours. Give us 30 days to transform your books, and ultimately your business. If you find you aren't satisfied with our services, you'll get a full refund of your monthly subscription.

MEEt the president

Welcome to Bōdhi Books.  

My name is Rob.

I hold an accounting degree and have spent my 15-year career in the fields of financial accounting and auditing. This next chapter of my life is dedicated to taking all I've learned from my experiences and applying it to you, my client, to make your bookkeeping effortless and help your business soar.