About me

For the small to medium-sized defense contractor, hiring a government compliance expert is usually out of reach, and trying to understand DCAA regulations can be a bane to existence, taking up all your available time and energy. It was my calling to move from DCAA to support the defense contractor in order to provide the help, support and expertise you need to meet compliance requirements.

I rely on a new way of thinking to serve my clients in the world of defense contracting. My clients hire me to solve specific problems they are having with their business and their relationships with DCAA. I have learned how to learn and operate in this specialized world, and I can solve any presented problem through current research and collaboration. I respect that every situation is new, requires fresh and current analysis, and is an opportunity to learn. I deliver the exact results you need to succeed in your relationship with DCAA, and will save you time and money to be reinvested back to other important areas of your life and your business.


It's Great to Meet You

My name is Rob. I have a Bachelor of Science, Accounting degree and have spent most of my 15-year federal career as a DCAA auditor. This new stage of my career is dedicated to taking all I've learned from DCAA and applying it to your business to help you save time, money and headaches when dealing with DCAA. Offering sound business advice, professionalism and accurate and timely work products, you'll find your business reaching a new level of success, and your relationship with DCAA a little less bumpy and a lot more efficient.