We're all human with basic needs, and sometimes bad things happen to good people.

To give back to the world and do our part to help, Bōdhi Books is committed to assisting in global humanitarian efforts to help those in need. It seems more and more instances of natural disasters are rapidly occurring in our world, and this puts millions of people in a situation no human should have to endure for any significant period of time. Food, water, shelter, and medicine become scarce, and as humans sharing this world together, we have a responsibility to help one another for survival. 

Every month, Bōdhi Books will donate 50% of every new clients' service charge to the disaster relief efforts for the most recent crisis. The more new people we get to work with, the more we can send over to help! Together, we can help the world. You get enlightenment with your books, and the world get's more help!


August 2017 - Donation to Earthquake Relief - Thanks to LuLaRoe Cheri Skaggs!

September 2017 - Donation to Hurricane Harvey - Thanks to Connie & Susan LuLaRoe!

October 2017 - No Donation - No New Clients :( 

November 2017 - Donation to .....- Thanks to LuLaRoe Jamie Bagley!